Exceed Rod Guide for Deviated Well Application

Bending Strength, MPa ≥254 ≥103 26~28
Impact Strength, kJ/m2 ≥13 ≥70 38~40
Friction Coefficient ≤0.018 ≤0.024 ≤0.036
Density, kg/m3 1.35×103 1.44×103 0.936×103
Max. Temperature, ℃ ≥180 ≥200 ≥85

Mold-on Guide Type

Straight-Vane Mold-on Guide

This is the most popular guide type to centralize sucker rod string and control wear. It is suitable to non-corrosive environment. Depends on the application, this guide is available in 4” (standard) and 7” (XL) in length.

Slant-Vane Mold-on Guide

For corrosive environment with paraffin buildup, the slant-vane mode-on guide can effectively remove it.  This guide is available in 4” (standard) length.



Wide-Vane Mold-on Guide

Various designs of wide-vane mold on guide designed to perform under high side loading. Its wearable volume more than doubles that in straight-vane guide and hence ensures its durability. Cross-section of deferent designs of wide-vane mold-on guide are illustrated below.

Field-install Rod Guide

The field-install rod guide provides a cost-effective and flexible solution to guide sucker rod string.

Rod Guide for PCP Application

Exceed spin guide can significantly reduce friction during PCP operation and improve product life.

Mechanical dimension of Exceed Spin Guide is as following.

Rod Body Size Guide Outer Diameter (mm) Guide Length (mm) Suitable Tubing (mm)
7/8″ 22.2 mm 58 246 62 or Larger
1″ 25.4 mm 71 246 76 or Larger
1-1/8″ 28.58 mm 71 246 76 or Large4
1-1/8″ 31.75 mm 71 246 76 or Larger

Guided Coupling

In addition to the guiding solution for sucker rod, guided coupling offers flexible and reliable solution that can be easily replaced during well maintenance work.