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Product Overview


All coupling threads are manufactured in a cold rolled process. Every coupling is inspected to meet API specification and Exceed internal quality standard to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Standard API Class T, Spray Metal and HS sucker rod coupling, polished rod coupling and combination couplings are available in standard full size and slim-hole sizes. Wrench flat option is also available.

Based on customer requirement, coupling can be pre-installed on sucker rod or packaged separately.

Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

Exceed’s API grade coupling are manufactured with AISI 5140 alloy steel. HS grade coupling is manufactured AISI 8630 alloy steel. Spray metal coating material is Ni60 stainless steel.

Sinker Bars, Polished Rods, Pony Rods

Manufacturing Process

Exceed polished rods are manufactured and inspected to be fully compliant with API-11B spec. All Pin Threads are cold-rolled to ensure the most durable connection during operation. Creating a much stronger pin compared to old cut thread or burnished process. The rolled threads improve the fatigue performance of the polished rod significantly and reduces common polished rod failures at thread roots dramatically.

Polished Rod

AISI 414X Alloy Steel

AISI 1045 Piston Steel

AISI 1045 w/ Spray Metal

Sinker Bars

Grade K Sinker Bars

AISI 10XXCarbon steel

90 ksi

Grade C Sinker Bars

AISI 10XXCarbon steel

65 ksi

Size Chart

DiameterWeight (lbs. ft.)Pin SizeLengthTubing

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